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Continuing Education in the Field of Informatics

Want to keep up with the latest developments in digitalization and business informatics? Here you'll encounter the current state of research in Data Science, Machine Learning and Blockchain and acquire the knowledge edge to freely shape your career.

And these are the benefits of pursuing a degree with us:


Here you will familiarize yourself with the hottest topics in digitization and acquire the latest knowledge in Data Science, Machine Learning and Blockchain


The continuing education courses are geared to the needs of the location Zurich, which shapes our practical issues with high demands on applied computer science


Our continuing education courses are aimed at working computer scientists who want to keep up to date with the latest research

Our current range of programs.

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What drives our curiosity in this area? Ask boldly.

Will Blockchain be able to do something for me?

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Where are the limits of artificial intelligence?

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Tamar Tolcachier

Program Director and Project Management

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