Continuing Education in the Field of Medical Leadership

Do you want to prepare yourself for a leadership role in healthcare? Here you will gain knowledge in all entrepreneurial disciplines, deal with the most current challenges in medical care and gain new perspectives on how to meet them in a more innovative and self-determined way.

And these are the benefits of pursuing a degree with us:


How to manage disruptive developments? Executives here become familiar with the current challenges of a healthcare system in complete upheaval.

Broadly inspiring

You'll gain knowledge in business administration, strategic management, finance, marketing, leadership in digital health, artificial intelligence, blockchain, law and ethics.


You will be able to directly apply your new skills in internships

Our current range of programs.

Degree programs

Interested in university study programs?

CAS Medical Leadership

Barbara Krieger

Program Director and Project Management


Compact Courses

Interested in compact courses?


Barbara Krieger

Program Director and Project Management


What drives our curiosity in this area? Ask boldly.

Is the hospital in dire need of care?

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Barbara Krieger

Program Director and Project Management

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