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Continuing Education in the Field of General Management

Do you want to take on a management role in a company sometime in the future? Here you will deal with all aspects of entrepreneurship, look for new answers and learn to recognize potential at an early stage.

And these are the benefits of pursuing a degree with us:


Here, you don't just scratch the surface of the questions, but get to the bottom of them together with your fellow students and the teachers


The university culture creates more freedom to look at things from completely different perspectives. This not only makes us more fun, but also makes us all more creative.


We work with case studies and simulations, bring in guest speakers from business and government, visit companies and open up our entire network to you

Our current range of programs.

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What drives our curiosity in this area? Ask boldly.

How does diversity influence leadership?

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How will we work tomorrow?

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What is the value of Chelsea FC?

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And what is your question?

Dr. Matthias Schaub

Managing Director

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