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Continuing Education in the Field of Finance

Want to help shape the financial industry of the future? Here you'll gain the freedom to identify new potential, question the existing more courageously and set out together with others.

And these are the benefits of pursuing a degree with us:


Here you can largely determine the focus, topics and also the time planning yourself. And thus also better align it with your everyday professional life


What does the future of banking look like? How will cryptos become sustainable? The university background of these further training courses is reflected in the fact that more exciting questions are asked. And that more perspectives are included in order to find answers together


Contemporary forms of learning, e-learning and hybrid offerings make you more flexible and help you graduate more efficiently

Our current range of programs.

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What drives our curiosity in this area? Ask boldly.

How does Climate Change affect Risk Management?

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Will there still be banks in 2030?

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What is the value of Chelsea FC?

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And what is your question?

Sina von Flüe

Program Director and Project Management

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