How do I prepare my company against crises?

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The Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics at the University of Zurich deals precisely with questions like this. Here is a look at current work and activities in this context.

UZH Center for Crisis Competence

Alexander Wagner and co-authors from the University of Zurich, the Swiss Finance Institute and UVA Darden show what we can learn from the market reactions to COVID-19. Their research shows what makes companies more resilient in such crises. Scientists from the UZH are conducting more research on dealing with crises at the UZH Center for Crisis Competence.

UZH Center for Crisis Competence

UZH Center for Leadership in the Future of Work

Handling these challenging feelings can be particularly tough for those who are supposed to support and guide others during challenging times – the leaders. The UZH researchers found that the most successful leaders are not the ones who focus only on the positive, or who completely ignore emotions , but those who share their own negative emotions with their employees. By sharing their emotions, leaders support employees to cope with their very own emotions more effectively and also create more high-performing teams.

You can find more insights on the future of leadership at the UZH Center for Leadership in the Future of Work.

UZH Center for Leadership in the Future of Work

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